“Spite Shine” Instant Detailer is a convenient, one application cleaner, polish and protectant ideal for painted surfaces, chrome and glass. Just mist on and wipe dry with a Microfiber or other soft cloth. Leaves a deep lustrous shine which repels water, dust and dirt while pro-tecting from harmful UV rays.

Hello Dewan,

I want to take the opportunity to share with you how pleased I am with your new product "Spit Shine"!! There have been so many products I have tried but I must admit yours is the most funtional and works the best. I might also add, to be able to buy something that really works and does not cost a fortune is helpful in our current economy. Please see attached picture; the ladies love the shine so much they can't resist setting on the bike! Dan Ambrose

Thanks again,
Dan Ambrose

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