At HogSnot Lubricants we care about your machine, we ride ourselves. We know that a motor oil cannot be formulated for optimal performance in both an engine as well as a wet clutch. something has to suffer. do you want to lubricate your engine with a lubricant designed for multiple applications and find out later what suffered?

  • HogSnot Motorcycle performance oils are blended for the maximum protection of your V-twin.
  • HogSnot's anti wear, anti friction reducers promot thermal integrity.
  • HogSnot is too slippery for a wet clutch
  • Hogsnot reduces wear, therefore extending the life cycle of your motor and all parts requiring lubrication.
  • HogSnot's nano particles as well as it's unique molecular structure penetrate seemingly non porous metal surfaces adhering to them reducing metal to metal contact.
  • HogSnot's anti friction formulation promotes reduced engine operating temperatures.
  • HogSnot's nano particles penetrate and condition seals.
  • Hogsnot Racing oils are High Zinc/Moly science based.


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