Delivering Higher Levels of Protection & Performance

It all starts with warranty protection
In order to successfully manage our business in today's competitive environment we need to supply you, the customer the highest quality products at a competitive price. That is why it is so important to us that you are delivered a product that has the performance that you demand.

"Blow your nose Blow your friends. Don't blow your engine!"

HogSnot's Performance Engine Oils meet or exceed all major auto and motorcycle manufacturers warranty requirements to ensure the first step to protecting your investment.

Better Protection Against Sludge

Our Performance Engine Oils contain a mixture of detergents and dispersants to keep engines free of all varieties of deposits that cause sludge. By exceeding all engine oil standards including the more recent ILSAC GF-4 and API SM, we are ideal for extreme conditions. In addition, we also match and often surpass results given by Semi-synthetics and synthetics.


Better Protection Against Wear

With our dual-action anti-wear agent, HogSnot's Performance Engine Oils demonstrate exceptional wear protection in standard engine tests.

We not only beat the tougher requirements of ILSAC GF-4 and API SM, but also surpassed the stricter limits defined by automakers for some of their highest performing engines.

Excellent Startup Protection

Safe starting is important for all vehicles. The oil needs to lubricate vital engine parts even before it begins to flow. The oil also needs to flow quickly to the oil pump inlet so the engine does not starve for oil at startup. HogSnot's Performance Engine Oils are formulated with outstanding fluidity and high film strength as demonstrated in standard ASTM tests.

Protection for your motorcycle engine

HogSnot Performance Motorcycle Engine only 20w-50 oil contains friction modifiers that help maximize power and reduce wear. Some Motorcycle motor oils meet JASO MA standards for a high coefficient of friction. HogSnot does not! We know that friction is bad for the performance and life cycle of your engine. This MA rating used to be reserved for transmissions and wet clutches. They need friction; your engine absolutely does not.

Protection for your performance muscle car

HogSnot Performance Muscle car motor oil is custom blended to provide your high performance engine with superior lubrication that standard motor oils cannot provide. Muscle Car 20w-50 contains a patented proprietary blend of additives that greatly improve its coefficient of friction and ability to lubricate under extreme pressure and heat. HogSnot Muscle Car oil is not approved for engines with catalytic emission systems.

How a smaller company makes such good products
in an industry dominated by international oil companies.

First, we began by incorporating only the highest quality additives into our base oils. This helped us create the excellent protection against deposits and is key in providing not only the dry startup protection but also the unmatched anti friction and anti wear characteristics. Second, although HogSnot Lubricants Corporation International is smaller than the major motor oil marketers, we enlisted the expertise and resources of a major chemical company whose business is primarily the formulation of lubricants. Most engine oils are formulated by such companies rather than the individual marketer. Our products were tested in the same approved laboratories, using the same API protocol, and under the same scrutiny as the major oil companies and automaker brands of oils.

We are proud to offer you engine oils that not only exceed warranty requirements, but ones that offer even higher levels of protection for your motorcycle or muscle car. We hope you will take the opportunity to try them.

Dewan Thornberry
El Presidente
HogSnot Lubricants Corporation Intl

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