Let me tell you, the proof is in the results for me! I was VERY skeptical and would not put ANYTHING in my motors without having done some testing to back it up. Prior to using HogSnot I ran Amsoil and prior to that I ran Mobil. Since running the new oil, my turbo came apart looking like new, the main and rod bearings were great but the most important thing for me was the main thrust bearing which I usually replace often due to the extreme pressure of staging a turbo car NEVER failed. My engine builder Billy Briggs (formerly W2W) has assembled/disassembled all of my motors exclusively. My push rod tips showed no wear and for those of you that know about the excessive wear an 11deg canted valve head puts on your valve train know this is huge for a racer.

I am not saying the Amsoil did not work well because it was a night and day improvement for me over the Mobil 1 but for the reduced price of Hog Snot combined with its incredible performance attributes it was an easy justification for me to switch.

Tom Kempf
Red Rocket 7.51 @ 192 MPH
2007 LSX Shootout champion. 2008 runner-up

I first heard about Hogsnot in October of 2008. I bought enough to try and loved it. Not only do I use it I am now representing it in the Rio Grande valley of south Texas. Once you have used Snot regular oil just won't do. I ride a 2002 Harley-Davidson Dynaglide and used Harley-Davidson 50 weight oil before.

Bob Keen San Benito, Texas

Hello Dewan,
I’m just writing to let you know how impressed I am with your oil. I have an old side car out fit and that boxer motor runs crazy hot. It turns other 20 50 oils I have used black within a couple of hours, but Hogsnot is not breaking down from the heat. Now I’m running it in both my Fatboy and my Wife"s Sportster as well. Good job guys!

Dennis Slogan
Windsor Ontario